Monday, September 13, 2010

Just some thoughts before I go to sleep.

I have huge goals and plans for my photography career.
People assume that the photography is for ME...
which in a sense it is, but that is not at all what drives me. 

I have never been more inspired than in the last month to succeed. 
My desires to do well in photography come from my children. 
Tonight, when my oldest son, said, "I miss my daddy. I never see him" it broke my heart.

So many husbands work so hard at what they do to provide for their families, when all their family needs, is THEM...HOME! 
I am completely driven to get to a point in my career with photography that my husband can be at home, with his kids...teaching them, loving them and leading God intended.

Payton, Beau, Grace-I do this all for you.


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