Thursday, September 16, 2010

ROCKING YOUR CAMERA-behind the lens

Do you own a DSLR(abv. for digital single-lens reflex)? In other words, do you own a fancy camera? Do you want to really know how to use it? Of course you do!! I would really encourage you to try to play with your camera in manual settings. I am not against shooting in auto at all, but trust me when I say...once you learn manual, you will never go back! I am going to start some tutorials on how to better understand your camera and photography. Our first lesson is going to be on: UNDERSTANDING APERTURE.

A fantastic photographer I follow named Natalie Norton wrote a post on Aperture and I couldn't say it better myself...SO I am not going to copy everything she says...I am just going to give you the link!! Once you read it about 15 times, it will start to sink in! And you will have to come back and visit, because we have lots to talk a project you should try to put what you are about to read, into action.

SO, the next time you are playing around with your camera, throw it into a AV or AP mode and turn your aperture up and down to see the different results. You will get some really fun, creative stuff, so just TRY!

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