Thursday, October 7, 2010

When baby drool is adorable!

The Portela family have been amazing clients of mine since I started my business and I was so thrilled when I had the chance to photograph them again for a family session. I would have never thought the day I told a co-worker, "I should do your daughter's maternity pics" that it would turn into a lasting professional relationship! What a huge blessing! Little baby Landon has turned into a big boy, sitting up, exploring and drooling all over(but not a tooth in sight yet). I couldn't help but LOVE my session with them as always. Thanks for allowing me to capture some of your special moments. My favorites are always the ones that happen in"ll see.

He just loved this little wagon. I am sure he would have let me photograph him all day in that thing!


 Last shot of the day and we are lucky we grabbed it. 2 seconds after the shot, Landon was DONE with pictures! I would like to say, that is a real sunbeam, no photoshopping that bad boy in!

 He is so precious!! 

He was so excited to be 3 inches taller. I just loved his little jeans.

 And there is the DROOL. I love it. The one time baby drool is "adorable" is in a photograph.

 awww. an in between moment. See, I told you.:)

karie denny

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