Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Andrew and Leigha-Engagement Faves

I think every photographer has a favorite "thing" they love to photograph. For me that "thing" is couples. Engagements, weddings, husbands and wives....just two people totally in love with one another. God created the world, then placed one man and one woman on it. I just find so much beauty in it...

When I had the chance to photograph this stunning couple, I was thrilled. Leigha and I met to discuss the shoot and I found out some great things about who they were as a couple. So many creative thoughts ran through my head and when the day came, it was a beautiful thing. 

Andrew and Leigha-you are a gorgeous representation of a Godly love from the inside...out. I cannot wait to capture you on your wedding day!!

just warming up...

yes Andrew...you are awesome.

i just love how this one came together

SO one of my all-time favorites

you can think it....it's hot!

Could you guys be any cuter???


double love

i will run around back alleys all day with you two!!

so FUN

You are so beautiful Leigha...just stunning

xoxo-love you two...
karie denny


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