Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tabitha & Beau Wedding Faves

On a beautiful day in November, Tabitha and Beau made a lifetime commitment and we had the honor of capturing it on film. I know Tabitha and Beau have been dying to see more of their photos since the sneak peek, so here are some of our favorite shots from their day...

Mr and Mrs. Anderson-hope you love them...

Tabitha's dress was so beautiful

seriously...i want these shoes!!!

you're gorgeous Tabitha

These guys rocked it all day long

loved this cake and it's tiny details

i really love how this captures the Tabitha's dad before he walks her down the can almost hear what he's thinking.

YES!! LOVE it!!

one of my absolute faves

don't panic...i got traditional group shots too...

i'm in love with this. I love how intensely Beau is looking at Tabitha!!

awe...makes you wanna cry too, right?! so sweet.

love this of you and your dad Tabitha


just because...
karie denny

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