Friday, January 7, 2011

Kasey Gates Senior Faves

Oh, Kasey were just a little girl, like yesterday. When did you turn into this amazing young woman. I am so proud of you. Kasey and I go WAY back. Back to her days of elementary school, being awkward around boys enough to spit on them, and chaperoning on her 5th grade Disneyland trip. WAY back!! And just weeks ago, I went driving around Phoenix with you, listening to you talk about your dreams of becoming an actress, and the plans you had to get there. I have watched you grow up to become a successful, talented young lady. Now the boys are drooling over you...
I love you Kasey a sister.

Seriously, could you be any prettier

"walkin on broken glass" xo


i knew this would be one of my favorites when i saw it through my lens and it may be one of my ALL TIME favorites!!

karie denny

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