Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AZ blogger meet-up scene 1

so almost a week ago, i had this amazing opportunity to meet up with all these awesome chicks and bloggers. kelsey of roofresh blog had asked me if i would be interested in photographing the events of the day and i was totally honored. not to sound silly, but these are COOL girls and they were asking me. the other two ladies who pulled this blogger meet up together were danielle of sometimessweet and chelsea of teatalk
i never would have imagine i would meet so many awesome young ladies. i was so nervous the day of. so nervous to finally network and to put myself out there... 
so many of these women have huge dreams and ambitions and are SO creative. i loved their energy. it really gave a kick in the pants to up my game in the blogging world. it made me realize, that so many people just want to read what i have to say, what my heart has to say and i am so EXCITED.:)

 so here are the fab ladies that attended...i am actually in this picture:)

our first stop on the downtown tour was Phoenix Public Market. there's fresh local produce, vendors, all kinds of col stuff, so check them out! here are a few shots i enjoyed from this cool little hot-spot

i think we stopped for coffee about 5 times during this day and it really never gets old. i could go to a different coffee shop everyday...i love them...maybe i will own one someday.:)

i love this...because its awesome.

i will blog about each one of the spots we stopped that day. some of which were AH-mazing and i cannot wait to share them. some fashion, some food and a lot of fun details. stay tuned for more!

karie denny


  1. Loved meeting you and your so talented! If I could afford you for my graduation pictures this may, I sooo would!

  2. Yayyy! So excited for the rest of the photos! It was so nice to meet you, and your photography is beautiful. :)

  3. Thank you ladies! You are so sweet. :) I cannot wait to share more and you can always check out all 205 photos at the flikr page, group az blogger meet up. P.S.-Rasha- you should call me about photos:)

  4. Oh my gosh! Haha that picture of me and my two friends is fabulous! You are very talented:)

    ❤ Katherine

  5. Katherine, so glad you love it. it was one of my faves at that stop! we must get together!


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