Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Elise-Phoenix Newborn Photographer

I was thrilled to shoot newborn pics of this precious little girl, Elise.
Sheralyn(momma) and I worked at the hospital together and it seems like just yesterday she was getting married and kids were not yet in the plan. Time has flown and they welcomed this little one home several weeks ago.

I always love seeing parents with their first babies...and Charlie and Sheralyn were NO different. It was wonderful to see how their lives had wrapped around this little angel and they were doing a wonderful job with her!


sweet girl! she was so cooperative!

love the curly q

my favorite from the day! SO CUTE!!

daddy shots are always so emotional...i love this one!

you guys are ADORABLE!

hey hot momma;) love it!

competition for favorite pick!


karie denny

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