Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Beau!!

I would never say and actually mean that I have a "favorite" child.
 I love all my children with ALL my heart. 
I do know that it is "rumored" that Beau is my favorite....
and all i can say to that, is...it makes me smile.

Beau was born into complete chaos with a sibling only 12 months older and a mother who still had NO clue what she was doing!
Even then, his personality was prevalent.
He loved to scream at in-opportune moments, make a fuss when everyone was watching and refused to eat on my schedule....BUT...
he slept through the night, cuddled with anyone who would hold him and gave me such a peace when we were alone together.
 Not much has changed.

Beau is an amazing child, with so much energy, life and free spirit. 
Yet, my favorite characteristic, is the peace he has with in him. 
I know that people will be drawn to him and i can only pray that his light will shine for people in the brightest, happiest and most peaceful ways.

I love you my little Beau...you are a light.



  1. Love our little Beau-Beau!! Have a super Happy Birthday at Disneyland today with your Mammy!
    We love you!!
    Papa & Nana


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