Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Smith Family-Phoenix Portrait Photographer

You may remember this beautiful fam from their holiday portrait session several months ago. Their little guy Porter had just staring getting really mobile and was a doll to shoot(cause he sat still for me longer than 2 seconds)
 This time was just as much fun, but man did i have to put my running shoes on! 
In 3 months he learned to walk and RUN...and he ran away from me, every chance he got.:) 
It led to some fun shots of movement and playfulness that totally display this milestone in his life.

(as always-loved spending time with you guys-xo)

one of my faves

i think i had 20 shots just like this

awe...i love this linsey

so fun, and he loved it cause he was moving:)


karie denny

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