Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Natalie Davenport-Senior Favorites

The afternoon began with a venti iced chai from Starbucks, which, 
if you ask me is the perfect way to start an afternoon. 
(i do have an addiction though, so feel free to disagree)

Our final destination that day was Globe, AZ.
It gave Natalie, Carmen(her mom) and I plenty of time to discuss all sorts of topics, 
but most importantly, i got a great sense of who Natalie is. 
She is a confident, strong, brilliant young lady 
whose biggest worry on her mind(at the time), was being accepted to Berkeley.

Running around Globe, trying to beat the sun from setting was the only worry on my mind at the time. Natalie made it pretty effortless. She is gorgeous and a total natural in front of the lens.
I hope that you enjoy looking through my favorites from her day.

Natalie, you were a true gem, thank you for making my work look so good! 
I hope you love them as much as I do!
and BTW-Natalie did get into Berkeley...CONGRATS:)

you totally rocked this session out from the start:)
your smile is amazing Natalie!

love this, definitely glad we caught this light

one of my absolute faves of you Natalie, just naturally gorgeous and the detail in the reflection, is about the coolest thing EVER!!

so serious, but so awesome!!!

what a find in a back alley:)

i don't care what you are leaning are stunning!

can i quadruple love these four photos of you!!??

love, love, love. SO fun!!!!

karie denny

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  1. Thanks Karie for a truly remarkable day with my daughter. It was a lot of fun chasing the sun and running from a train. Great train shot. Too funny!


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