Friday, April 22, 2011

Nick & Alysha Engaged

It has become quite apparent to me, what I find most inspirational in life, is LOVE. 
Not shocking really for anyone who knows me well....
It is incredibly important to know how and who my clients love. To understand them, is to capture their love from the inside, out.
Here is the love story of Nick and Alysha...
It was the weekend of high-school graduation. Parties were to be had and Alysha and Nick ended up at the same one. Alysha admits that she had noticed Nick at a get together the previous week and thought he was "sooo cute". It is so funny the details we remember when we meet someone for the first time. And for Alysha it is obviously burned in her memory...that night Nick was wearing "windbreaker pants, a wife beater and a bandana." Despite his obvious fashion flaws, Alysha felt compelled to meet him. A mutual friend introduced them, they exchanged "awkward hello's" and went about their evening separately. Alysha just couldn't leave with out talking to Nick one last time, to ask for his digits!! And of course(see Alysha)...he willingly gave her his number. The dating began...


abandoned houses are where it's at....

awww. makes me smile out loud!
And the dating continued.  And on Alysha's 25th birthday with their loved ones surrounding them, Nick said, "marry me?". Alysha said "yes". With her vintage style engagement ring on, they started planning the wedding. I feel pretty blessed that I was one of the first things off their check list.;) I am so excited to be a part of their day. Their love for one another radiates. I love what my lens was able to capture.

you are stunning Alysha

ok, Nick, you are stunning too!

LOVE- one of my all-time fave shots- LOVE

hello gorgeous girl

freaking LOVE this

Nick-you are a rockstar!

Nick and Alysha-this was one of my all-time favorite shoots. Love you two!
karie denny

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  1. I love them! Nick loves them! Thank you for seeing my vision. I can't wait for you to shoot our wedding.


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