Thursday, April 28, 2011

your life and mine

Happy Thursday everyone! I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time, so leave it up to me, while my plate is overflowing with "to do's" that I add just one more!! However, I am going to proclaim that this "to do" may be the best addition to my list!! 

As you all know, I love God, I love Jesus and I feel so blessed to have found them here on Earth. Sometimes I would like to think I have it all together and at the very center of my life, God is my focus. Sadly, I am human. I make mistakes, I sin, and I forget that God is in control. It is in my moments of complete chaos and doubt, that the only comfort I have is my savior. SO, where am i going with all this...

a challenge.

I challenge myself.
I challenge you.
For 28 days, starting today, I am going to create a new habit.
A habit that I hope changes my life from the inside, out.

I am going to find 15 minutes every day(personally, I am going to try early morning).
I will sit with my Bible. I am going to start in John. 
{if you do not have a Bible, please email me, i will buy you one. SERIOUSLY}

and I am going to read and pray
I know that everyday i will become closer in my relationship with God and I will strengthen my heart and mind for whatever the day brings my way. 

So, what is in it for you?
peace, comfort and strength
Please join me in this journey. Lets share the ups and downs of our lives together. 
I cannot wait to see what effect it has on all of us. 

I really hope this lasts longer than 28 days. 

Please comment below and take the pledge to do this with me. i will post daily reminders on FaceBook and Twitter and give you encouragement anytime you need it. 
Please, please, please....don't make me beg you to sign up.

This is life. Yours and Mine. Lets live it together.

karie denny


  1. Oh my gosh Karie! Thus sounds so great as this is a huge downfall for me. I will Love the accountability. What a wonderful friend you are. I love you. Andrea

  2. Thanks Love!! I am so glad you are going to do this with me! :)

  3. Count me in. My Bible reading has so been slacking lately. I have good intentions on reading it, but it doesn't always happen! I need to do it in the morning as well.

    We could all use a lot more Word in our lives. We will hold us all accountable!

  4. Thanks for the challenge when I have been stagnant in my bible reading, just needed a jump start again, thanks Karie! I am in it with you!

  5. You are so inspiring! Sandy Fischer

  6. Love you! I've been wanting to get my family reading for a few weeks and just need to start. Thanks for "reminding" me. I love reading both by myself and with my family. We've done it on and off since B was little. You are a wonderful friend. Thank you again.

  7. I'll join you :) I have a lot to learn anyways... I was just baptized at the Easter vigil <3

  8. Todd and I just started this a week ago, so it'll be good to join you for the accountability and encouragement to continue! You are truly an inspiration to me, thank you for being you! I love you!


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