Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the good, the bad and where to go from here...

Running your own business can be a scary thought and a crazy task. i don't think anyone can truly understand the pressure and craziness, until they take on such a task. i have had some really rough weeks lately and i think that if i write about it, maybe it will help someone else.
maybe it will help me...
so there are some tips that i definitely want to throw out there to anyone who is thinking of taking on a business venture as well as those who have already dove in. if i could share my own successes and failures...
let me share with you the good, the bad and where to go from here...

about a month ago, i had a client ask me for pointers on success. i was honored that she thought i was successful, but i also laughed a little, because i think i'm a MESS. However, it definitely made me narrow down what has made me successful...so, the GOOD:

Prayer. Prayer. Prayer. God knows the good and the bad, but when i tell Him humbly during prayer, i am never more comforted. Even as i write this, it is so therapeutic, to give that Glory back to Him. When i talk to God and say, "God, thank you for my gifts and talents. Thank you for your grace and love. I need you....Let me glorify you in all that i do." i can't mess that up.

Dream BIG. Have goals. Big ones, little ones. Write them down and below them, make a list of the details that will help you attain those goals. Your goals will give you drive and motivation. Whenever you feel like you are lost, look at them. They will pull you out of that funk and point you in the right direction!

Fear not. Failure may happen. Mistakes will occur. just do not be AFRAID to FAIL. the fear of failure may keep you from ever getting your feet off the ground or reaching your full potential. I can say that i am pretty fearless when it comes to life. its a perk really. i realize not everyone is fearless, but you can let go of some fears that may be holding you back. i remember when i shot my first wedding(Mer & Ob), i definitely had a fear that i would let my friends down. i had to remind myself that one of the things greater than my fear, was the love my friends had for me. there is ALWAYS a more powerful emotion you can cling to, than fear! So let the fear of failure and mistakes GO and move forward!

i think that's enough for today. personally, sharing the good with you all was enough to kick my butt back into hyper drive. this blogging thing may be a key to my success!!

much love


  1. Although I love looking at your pictures, I am digging this whole blogging thing! :) You should do it more often!

  2. Love you Brandy!! :) You are like my number one fan!!


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