Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Inspiration & Giveaway

This Summer, I took time away from photography shoots to get things organized. Organize my business, our family plans, our finances, just life in general. So, I have some good and bad news. I am a complete procrastinator, and until two weeks ago, I had accomplished nothing, but surviving the heat of Arizona and taking lovely family vacations.

I met with a great friend, Linsay Smith and we discussed plans for the future of my photography blog. Like myself, Linsay Smith is a creative dreamer. She helped me to start thinking about what I do, why I do it and what I want to share with the rest of the world.

Over the next several weeks and continuing on, my blog will feature many things, such as, peeks into my life, wedding color palates, food ideas, DIY's and of course A LOT of photography still!! 

Okay, so lets get to the GIVEAWAY! I am gifting an ENGAGEMENT SESSION! If you are engaged or know anyone who is, please share the love and give as many couples as possible a chance to win! This is a $300.00 value!! This entry will close 8-17-11 and the winner announced 8-18-11 on Facebook!

How to enter:
1- Friend me on Facebook and repost this link as your status!
2- Comment below! 
3- You REALLY have to be in can't fake this stuff people:)
4- You must redeem the session by 12-31-11
5- You must live in the greater Phoenix area or you can pay for me to travel;)

much love
karie denny

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  1. Excited to hear about your giveaway!! We are an engaged couple living in Dallas, but will be having our wedding and hopefully (late) engagement pictures in Chandler, AZ! Wedding date is Sunday 3-25-12! We will facebook message you our website name, so you can read our love story!! Love your photography and style!

    Marisa & Justin


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