Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sommer and Sunsets-Portrait

Eleven years ago, I became a nanny to a little girl named Sommer Elyse and she changed my life. SO much that when I had my own daughter we gave her the name of Grace Elyse. We love this girl so much and watching her grow up in front of our eyes has been amazing. It was a treat for me to photograph her at this very important time in her life. 14 is an age when young girls question their beauty and their worth by their appearance. It was an important lesson for me to teach her that her beauty starts at her heart and radiates out. And she has an amazingly beautiful heart! I wanted her to see just how beautiful she truly is. She is becoming a woman and I cannot wait to see what her future holds for her. I love you Sommer.:)

you're stunning Som!!

a fave. you are so gorgeous when you laugh Som!

one of my faves

love this...


my absolute fave




always look forward Sommer. your future is bright. xoxo
love you sweetie, 


  1. Karie! Love these photos!! She is sooo pretty!! <3


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