Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Little Pinot-Tammy & Zach's Engagement

There are three things that go really well together; a guitar, Pinot Noir and two people in love. Luckily for me, I got to be the photographer and lets just say it was one awesome combo. We were super inspired by the fact that Tammy and Zach are getting married in Nashville this summer. Just the thought of a Nashville wedding makes my creative mind spin with images. For their session, we wanted to create engagement images that complimented their personal style and their upcoming wedding. It was an honor for Field and I to work with and really connect with Tammy and Zach. They are an amazing couple, with a beautiful connection and we cannot wait to see them on their wedding day. wink.wink.

one of the most gorgeous engagement rings I have ever seen!! Well done Zach!

words cannot describe how much I love Tammy's laughter. This pic makes me smile.:)


gotta love Tammy's killer boots

so thrilled finding this tree! It was perfect for them.

absolute fave


such a wonderful little moment we all had listening to Zach play. Quite the talent!!

another fave

love, love, love.


Tammy, you are beautiful!!

we risked our lives, but it was worth it.:)

Karie Denny


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