Monday, January 16, 2012

Sharing the LOVE

~MBS Elite Fitness-Bootcamp- it is kicking my rear, and I love it!! Waking up at 5am, drinking more water than I thought was physically possible and kicking my Starbucks habit has been ROUGH! Almost as rough as the  workouts.;) Check out this amazing program for yourself HERE!!

~Pinterest-If you are not on Pinterest yet, you NEED to do this! It makes me happy every time I log on. It is crack for creative junkies like myself! Do it!! To request an invite click HERE!

~Greek Yogurt- I am in LOVE, officially. I just started adding it to my diet for the protein-(side note, did you know that if you are not consuming protein for your body to use for energy, it eats away at your MUSCLE!?!? Boy have I been going about healthy the wrong way-end side note.) Thanks to a good friend, I never would have thought to add honey to yogurt, but it is AMAZING. Try replacing those low calorie yogurts with greek yogurt!

~Blogging about my personal life-this has been a whole new world for me. I was so used to blogging images for my business, but I have realized that this is a platform for people to actually know ME, not just what I do. Thank you all for supporting me through this process of letting my guard down and allowing people into my life.:)

thanks for reading..xo

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  1. I just joined Pinterest and I completely agree with your sentiment! It always makes my day at least a bit brighter and happier whenever I log into pinterest! It's all so pretty!!!!


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