Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I needed to hear from Jasmine Star

Somewhere between raising children and being a wife, I managed to start a business. And 2.5 years later, I still don't really know what I am doing!! All I can focus on, is what I don't have, what I don't know how to do, who is doing it better than me and it is overwhelming!! Listening to Jasmine Star tonight on the Showit Global Share, what I heard louder than everything else was, getting through my struggles will make me stronger, investing in people will make me more successful and stepping out of my comfort zone will pay off. Jasmine shared some amazing advice, but I think at this time in my career, very specific things she said spoke to me. Things that I needed to hear and I am so very thankful she shared.

I am going to make it a point to blog about my life. Blogging about my personal life sounds so easy, but I am very insecure about my writing, so this is honestly, so hard for me. Even now....sitting here, the fear of writing something that will be disappointing is more overwhelming than any excitement of writing. But I am going to do this. I am going to step out of my comfort zone. I am going to let my guard down and I am going to share my life on this tiny platform.

I have lots to stay tuned.

goodnight for now.



  1. This is written perfectly, don't worry about that!! So glad to have met you tonight :)

  2. Beautiful! Keep writing.

  3. Love you Karie. You are amazing and I marvel at your talent and drive. You will do well at everything you try because you are so determined and you have a good relationship with God. Miss seeing you every week.
    Love, Lori

  4. So well said Karie! I've made this my personal goal this year as well so this post definitely spoke to me. If there's anyone to take advice from in this business, Jasmine Star is the right one. She's fantastic! Keep writing - people WILL keep reading. :)

  5. You are such a doll and I can't wait to hear about your personal experiences!!! I am an open book. Sometimes I need to monitor what I say! Seriously. I am so glad that we met and I can't wait to get to know you more! Step out of that comfort zone girl. It has done amazing things for me since I have! You can rock this world and make all your dreams come true! One step at a time and we will all be here for you rooting you on!


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