Friday, February 3, 2012

Re-designing a website and finding myself

How many times have you thought your professional website does not reflect your personal style? If you say NEVER, then I am incredibly happy for you and slightly jealous. If you are like me, I have thought it, even before I publish one, because who really wants to start ALL over once they have come that far? In some ways, I have created websites because I was using what others "gave" me and "rolling with it". And the crazy thing, is that those sites took me SOOOOO long to build, because I was constantly trying to make something that wasn't mine look like it was. Also, I think I was scared to put myself out there. I had a fear that people wouldn't respond well to it. Or that my style wasn't "trendy" enough. Well, I have 4 words for you: B is for Branding! Four words that rocked my world, gave me confidence and reminded me that putting "my style" out there was the best thing for me and my business. The oh-so-fabulous Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design prepared and hosted B is for Branding and if you are a photographer, looking for some inspiration and direction in your style, this is the workshop for you!

photos provided by Imagineale Design

These are some of the words that people used to describe my photos:

in the moment
images from a novel

I cannot even tell you how thrilled I was to read these words. This is EXACTLY what I was trying to portray. These words woke me up!! They made me realize that putting myself out there was SO worth it, so rewarding. 

Needless to say, THAT night, I started re-vamping my web design. This is where Alejandra came to my rescue. Even though we had known one another for less than a week, I trusted and valued her opinion. I knew she would give me an honest critique. To make a long story short, she reminded me that I needed to put myself out there. Here is the process that began this past Monday night...

~What 3 words would you use to describe your photographic style?
Mine: Classic, emotional, romantic. BTW, my favorite word that someone else used to describe my work was "poetic", which may take the place of one of my original words...:)

~What inspires YOU? 
For me, it's colors and images. I started an inspiration board on Pinterest and saw a definite pattern....Greens of every shade, slightly monochromatic and classic feels from picture and fonts. I got rid of the things that were inconsistent. Leaving me with a feeling that I was IN LOVE with!

photo credit here
photo credit here & here
I was literally able to re-design my website on Showit within 3 days and I am so excited to share it with you all NOW! The best part for me is that I truly feel proud of my design. It was a liberating experience to put something together that was ALL mine and I know that it is a TRUE expression of ME! Click below to check out the new Karie Denny Photography website.
I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this! 

P.S. Alejandra-I am sure you thought you just met me for coffee and gave me constructive criticism, but it was SO much more than that to me.:) You helped me find a way to express my personal style in my business and I will always remember that.

xoxo-Karie Denny


  1. It looks amazing! Thank you for sharing, this is inspiring. Btw…your photos truly are poetic!

  2. Thank you Devon. And seriously, thank you for using that word to describe me work. It meant so much to me!!:)

  3. I see big things in the future for you Karie! So happy for you. You have no idea ;) Cling to that momentum and RUN with it!!

  4. Thanks Ale!! I am runnin! I honestly am so thankful to have you as a friend and fellow photog! Love you much!!:)

  5. Karie it looks GREAT! Good job :)

    Also, be on the lookout for an email from me, I'm in need of some advice! <3

  6. I am going through this right now , not loving my website looking or a new web designer and trying o figure me out . Thanks for your Inspiration its beautiful:)


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