Friday, March 9, 2012

A Bride in the Groves

What happens when you have a gorgeous sister in town for 3 days, beautiful weather and my crazy ideas(we all know what I am talking about)? A bridal shoot happens. That's right, we set up a bridal shoot in 2 hours. You are not even going to believe this dress, we basically scrapped it together from thrift stores and it turned out fantastic!! Not to mention, I shot at one o'clock in the afternoon and actually LOVED the light. Seriously....stepping out of my comfort zone is really helping me grow as a photographer. 

My sister-in-law, Nina Denny, was so gracious to do this with me and is STUNNING. It is always interesting to see how people I know really well, will do with me directing them behind the camera for the first time. She is a natural, as you will see.

If only a reality TV camera could have captured the chaos surrounding us as we tried to pull this off....because, oh yes, I had to bring my kids with us!! Kids falling, running noses, potty breaks, "I'm thirsty", "Will you swing me?", "I can't see you MOM!"....Thankfully I have a sitter for my scheduled clients, haha! ;)

Nina, Thank you so much for doing this with me.:) You are so incredibly gorgeous. I am so blessed to call you sister.
much love-Karie

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