Saturday, June 30, 2012


DIY I love them. I don't get to do nearly as many as I would like! Crafting things reduces stress for me, and I've always loved creating things for my own clients, so why not for others?? That is how this DIY project came to be! I wanted to style/direct a photography shoot for a friend and fellow photog, Denise Saucedo. We were both on the hunt to be published by none other than Style Me Pretty, so we rallied together to create an unbelievable dream come true photo shoot. These pinwheels were for the shoot, and since I love DIY's so much, I thought I would create one of my own for YOU!

Materials you will need:

Book pages-I thrifted a book and tore it apart. Or any double sided paper will do.
Glue gun and glue

Begin folding pages like an accordion.

Once you have your paper folded. Fold in half.

Cut the end of the paper anyway you'd like. (The non-folded end) I rounded mine. Then, glue at the fold. Once side to the other. See below.

You will have one piece of the pinwheel complete. 

For my smaller pinwheels, I made 6 separate pieces. You can make fewer or more, depending on the gaps you want in your paper. Begin gluing one individual pinwheel to the other. One at a time. Your circle will start to take shape.

Your last piece will be glued on each side to close the pinwheel.
 And VOILA! You have a pinwheel!! As you can see, I made several different sizes for our project! If you want smaller pinwheels, you can cut your paper smaller. If you want larger, use a whole book page, folding lengthwise. Please leave any questions below. :) I am more than happy to help you with any questions you have.

I know that God has a plan for me, however I feel completely blind to what it is. I have been feeling a little lost lately with my career. I LOVE my photography business and I have come so far, it felt odd to be called down a different path of Styling...but right at the same time. I am not quite sure where this is all leading, but I know that I will continue to go through the doors that my Heavenly Father is so readily opening for me. Please pray that I will have clarity as I continue on this journey in my business. Thanks friends and fam.

Much love,


  1. should the pieces of paper be square or rectangular or does it not make a difference?

    1. it won't make a huge difference. I used both to make them different sizes. :) Have fun!! Post and let me know how they come out.


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