Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Awake My Soul- A Phoenix Portrait Photographer

I was lying on the couch listening to Mumford and Son's, watching Grace fast asleep on my lap. I was trying to schedule a bazillion things because our lives are so busy(right?), but I could only focus on how wonderful Grace was. Taking deep, beautiful breaths. Each one, so precious and peaceful.

I couldn't help but wonder where the last 7 years of my life have gone, since becoming a mother. I do not even remember a life before our children.

The beauty of a silent mind, a sleeping baby and some Mumford is that it awakes my soul. In those moments I realize my purpose in life is to be a mother above all else. God has blessed me with many talents and sometimes I forget the most beautiful of them all, is motherhood. I am so busy trying to BE great that I forget, I AM GREAT to my children.

Awake my soul.


  1. I said it earlier but I'll say it AGAIN. One of my favorite posts by far. Honest and stunning imagery. You ARE great and I'm thrilled that God revealed this moment for you.

  2. I love this moment. I love that you recognized it was worth stopping for. I love you and your little family. And I remember you before you had your own children, but you have always had a mother's heart.


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