Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Free Spirit-The Birth of Ace & Whim

Close your eyes.   take slow steady breaths.   what do you hear...feel....dream?

When I am searching for clarity or an answer, this is what I do. 

I am outside, sitting on the ground. I close my eyes. 

I feel the wind on my face. I feel the cold grass in between my toes. I hear the trees rustling about. I hear my children laughing. I smile. I breath deeper. My mind clears and the creative in me starts exploring. 

She is standing in front of an ivy covered wall, her vintage dress flowing effortlessly behind her. The curls in her hair lay softly over her shoulder. A wreath of flowers crown her head like a halo. I look into her eyes. They are soulful and full of life.  

She is a dreamer.

She is a free spirit.

She inspires me to do what I love. To be a photographer. To embrace the free-spirit that I am and the birth of our new business. Introducing our new brand and business name.....

 Ace & Whim. For the free-spirited bride.

We cannot wait to explore the path before us-Field & Karie Denny


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